ClearLanguages Solutions

Learning a new language is about engaging with cultures, connecting with communities, and hearing, speaking, and expressing the language in relevant and meaningful contexts. Help your students fall in love with languages with learning experiences that will stick with them for life.

Core Digital Programs

Help your students develop personal connections to other cultures and build their speaking confidence with our core, digital language solutions.
  • T’es branché?: French (6-12)
  • ¡Qué chévere!: Spanish (6-12)
  • En voz alta: Español para hispanohablantes (6-12)
    Spanish for Spanish speakers
  • Deutsch So Aktuell 8e: German (6-12)
  • Zhēn Bàng!: Mandarin Chinese (6-12)
  • Amici d'Italia: Italian (6-12)

World Language Immersion

All set on your curriculum but want to supplement it with immersive cultural materials? 

With World Language Immersion, students can choose the stories, videos, songs, news articles, and more—all in the target language—that interest them the most.

Available in French, Spanish, and German.



I love the variety of online activities and students appreciate the Quizlet vocabulary lists. I also love that we can watch the videos directly from the website and to not have to worry about accessing a DVD player. It’s helpful that students are given access to all levels of textbooks. This helps immensely with review and also allows them to have a peek at what is to come.
Kerianne Barry
French teacher
I love ¡Qué chévere! I'm a native speaker, and if I'm loving teaching my own language through this, it's because it's a great resource. ¡Qué chévere! is muy chévere!
Laura Cortes
7th and 8th grade Spanish Teacher

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