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We believe every student is a math person. Made for a diverse range of thinkers, ClearMath takes a dynamic approach to helping students build math skills, confidence, and excitement.

MATHia® Adventure


A game-based learning platform that makes learning fun and personalized for every student. This supplemental program includes Zorbit’s Math Adventure for K-3, MATHstoria for 4-6, and hands-on resources.




Bring engagement and education together

MATHstream is the only adaptive, interactive video streaming program where certified math teachers deliver targeted instruction for grades 6-12 in a fun, engaging environment.



My students love Zorbit’s. It’s great for teaching curriculum, student practice and engagement. Also a great tool for assessment.
Robyn Payne
Newfoundland & Labrador English School District
I like Zorbit's because it is fun and I understand how to play. I have assignments that let me focus on one thing if I don't understand it and then I really get to play and it's math.
Catherine D
3rd Grade Student
My students can often identify where they need extra support before I’ve even looked at the MATHstream item analysis, so to see them feel that independence and responsibility is great. MATHstream has allowed them to take ownership of their learning.
Julie Edwards
Middle School Math Coach and Department Chair, Greenville Public Schools, Greenville, MI
I really enjoyed using MATHstream. It was really interactive and engaging and definitely helped me see what my needs are in math. I also really enjoyed the MATHstream teachers. They were so encouraging, helpful, and funny! They made the videos feel really personal.
Gabe C.
8th Grade Student, Greenville Public Schools, Greenville, MI

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